Micro Pet Pigs are very REAL and this is the 100% truth!

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Micro Pet Pigs are very REAL AND THIS IS THE 100% truth!



If you are looking for a mini pig to bring into your family but have heard many horror stories or people say they don’t stay small..  Well you’ve clicked on the right link. Here you will learn  what’s really going on and why people are spreading this false myth.


Our company is growing everyday! More people seem to find us and we are beyond happy to be able to provide families with their dream pet pigs. The more people that know about us makes the PIG world a better place. More people with healthy true micro pet pigs from us.



Are Micro Pet Pigs Real? 


YES they are 100% real! (Micro pet pigs are very real but RARE! And we have them. We have created purebred micro pigs called  "Micro Extremes" which are the world's smallest domesticated pet pigs. We are the only place in the world that has a domesticated pet pig this small! We also are the only breeder that offers a micro pig that stays 30-40 pounds fully grown. This is our 2nd smallest size category after our Micro Extremes. This is why both of our sized micro pigs cost more than any other pig breeder out there because they are so rare you can only find them here at Mini Pig World. Any breeder telling you they have a pig our sizes are lying and we'd be more than happy to debunk it ourselves that is how confident we are in our prized micro pig sizes.


How You Will Know No Other Breeder Has Our Sizes

  •  It is impossible for anyone to have a pig 25-30 pounds because Mini Pig World is the only place that has Micro Extremes
  • No one has our 2nd smallest size category because in order to create this size you need a Micro Extreme and no one else has them but us.

If you are looking for a very small mini pig else where that will not get large..Finding a legitimate breeder with very small pigs is like hunting for gold. If you do not search hard enough you will most likely get scammed by someone. It’s that hard to find a breeder! Yes there are small mini pigs that exist between 40-60 pounds fully grown at a Healthy properly fed weight!  It is very hard to find a breeder who actually has them this small! Anything larger is not a mini but a Potbellied pig which are meant to live outside! 



Here at Mini Pig World we believe that a true mini pig is any pig that stays under 60 pounds fully grown. Any other breeder selling pigs that are larger than 60 pounds are not true mini pigs. Some claim that any pig that is smaller than a farm pig is a mini pig but this is what causes confusion since this would mean that a 250 pound Kune Kune is also a mini pig but definitely not so mini right? And definitely not the indoor pet pig that you probably are looking for right?



"The world’s smallest healthiest pet pigs are called "Micro Extremes" Fully grown weight: 25-30 pounds. You will not find this size anywhere other than minipigworld! Along with our 2nd smallest size category, micro mini pigs."



The reality is that the majority of pig owners that THINK they own a true "mini pig” do not actually have what they think they do. 


What they actually have are Pot bellied pigs which get very heavy (100-200 pounds)! That explains why they believe that Mini Pigs aren’t real. 

Why? Because they didn’t buy from a reputable breeder and ended up with a large pig.



One of the biggest problems with pig owners that are now stuck with a pig that is too large for them is that they aren’t doing enough research or simply don’t want to spend too much on a pig.


(If you want a true mini pig that will be small fully grown you have to pay the price. You get what you pay for!)




Why Mini Pig World is a trusted breeder:


1. Size and Health Guarantee

2. We have the world’s smallest pet pigs (25-30 pounds fully grown) and The worlds smallest micro mini pigs 30-40 pounds fully grown.

3. We are a reputable company with many wonderful reviews. 

4. We are home to the worlds smallest pet pigs only sold here called (MICRO EXTREMES) and home of our micro pet pigs(our 2nd smallest size)


Micro Extremes at mini pig world are not cheap! It’s like shopping for a French Bulldog or a thoroghbred horse(can cost $100,000). 


French Bulldogs cost $3500 and up to $8000. We can compare that to our pigs. The smaller the pig will be fully grown the higher the price. Pigs that have been selectively down bred specifically to meet the requirements of an indoor pet are considered EXOTIC animals. That word alone expresses the rarity of this animal not the difficulty to own one. 



If you are searching for a pet mini pig other than at Mini Pig World, some do exist elsewhere between 40-60 pounds but they are so rare to find that you basically are playing the lotto and hoping that the breeder is honest and reputable (99% of "mini pig" breeders will tell you there parents are 30-35 pounds fully grown which is the #1 lie these breeders tell people). Here at Mini Pig World we actually guarantee size which these breeders will not because they know that they really don't have pigs the size they claim.


Pigs that are going to weigh anything over 60 pounds are not indoor pets. Those are outdoor potbellied pigs that breeders willl label as mini pigs, teacup pigs or micro pigs just to sell their potbelly pigs! Do not fall for their low prices but bold claim that it will stay small. No breeder that has rare small sized pigs will sell for cheap.



When looking for a breeder to purchase a pet pig from stay far away from the websites below unless you are looking for an outdoor pig and have the acreage!

  1. Craigslist
  2. Hoobly 
  3. Any breeder that does not have a website or agreement ( when it comes to purchasing a true mini pig you can't should not be looking for deals )

They are cheap for a reason!


We highly recommend our company to anyone. Mini Pig World is here for you! Remember we are the only ones who Guarantee size, health and have true healthy Micro/mini pigs. There are people who have purchased a pig from someone else who come to us for help and it breaks our hearts to know that there are people out there not having a fun experience owning a pig. All because they didnt purchase a pig from a reputable breeder. (Mini Pig World is reputable!) 




Why are people in denial that mini pigs aren’t real ?


The majority speaking are those who have been scammed themselves. It is the buyers responsibility to know exactly what they are investing their money into. 


These people are those who have personally purchased pigs from Craigslist, hoobly,back yard breeders,unreputable breeders or simply purchased a cheap pig.... and so their pigs have gotten larger than they wanted.. If they were lied to about size than they didn’t buy a pig from a honest reputable breeder. That’s the reality. 


Do pet pigs stay the size of a piglet forever?


NO that’s unrealistic... If you want a pig that size than you should consider a hedgehog. A pet pig is not for everyone. The smallest healthiest pigs you can find are here at Mini Pig World between 25-30 pounds  called Micro Extremes fully grown).


Our second smallest size category 30-40 pounds fully grown that’s smaller than the majority of dogs that exist. About the size of a cocker spaniel! That is what you can consider micro mini pig in the PIG world. 


Anyone with a pig over 60 pounds saying it is mini is REALLY saying that pig is (mini) compared to larger farm hogs. What they aren't telling you is that this pig is not mini enough to make a good house pet. So are they calling their POTBELLIED pigs mini? Yes they are! And that is deceiving many into buying a pig from these people because some people do not know that (MINI) does not mean the pig will stay a small size fully grown.  If you are looking for an indoor house pet we highly recommend our company Mini Pig World because we guarantee our sizes. We offer two perfectly small size categories,  pictures of fully grown parents and our pigs even come potty trained, socialized, and handled. We also offer financing as an option. 



There are many pig breeds that exist and you have to know that there is a HUGE difference between all of them.


Micro Extremes from Mini Pig world and 

Micro mini pigs from mini pig world (30-40 pound range)

  along with any other mini pig between 40-60 pounds fully grown are indoor pets that can be taken outdoors on walks.. pot bellied pigs are larger pigs that need acreage and are meant to live outside. Then there are even larger pigs that unless you own a large farm we do not recommend those as pets. They are beyond large, very strong and will destroy absolutely everything to get what they want. It is very hard to own extremely large pigs. 





Pigs at rescues?

These buyers who didn’t properly select a reputable breeder end up giving up their pigs to rescues and so these rescues now bash all mini pig breeders even the reputable breeders like us because they don't believe that pigs smaller than a potbelly exist because all they receive are potbellied pigs that were sold as a teacup, mini, or micro pig and weren't actually mini.  Why? Because they want people to adopt from their rescue.


If you are not ok with a pig that is going to get larger if not already an adult.. has bad habits, is not at its youngest, which is the best way to own a pet pig (you build a better bond when you have them as piglet), bites, screams, roots up your yard, than adopting is not a good choice. Rescues only have Potbellied pigs that aren’t trained at all and get large! When you adopt a pig you are settling for a pig that someone gave up for a reason! These adoptable rescue pigs are outdoor pigs. Not indoor pets since they are larger pigs. These rescues are professional manipulators do not fall for their traps. They will bash all reputable breeders just to get someone to adopt a pig from their rescue! We disagree with this. We do not believe anyone should be told to adopt a pig that is not their dream pig. Especially because there is a huge in the pig ownership experience between a rescued pig and purchasing from a reputable breeder that has trained piglets from birth!  Owning a larger pig can be a nightmare if you don’t have the proper outdoor space for them. Know what you are getting into.


The reality is that..there truly are mini pet Pigs you just have to do your research and find a legit reputable breeder! It is very rare to find someone with pigs between 40-60 pounds. Mini pigs are very small in bone structure just 3x more dense than a dog. 



Remember if the pig is cheap that is a red flag. Do not buy it unless you want an outdoor pot bellied pig which do not make good indoor pets at all. They are strong and destructive in your home. They are meant to be outside on acreage.


Additional information 




Pigs are naturally wild. Unless they are trained very well than your pig will not be a fun pig to own. 


Do pet pigs scream? 

Yes if they weren’t handled from birth or are being held wrong. 


Do pet pigs bite? 

Not unless you are hurting them


Do pet pigs like being held? Yes if they were handled and socialized well by the breeder you chose to buy from. 


Are pet pigs dirty? 

No they are very clean animals. You can bathe your pig as often as you want. 


Are pigs hypoallergenic? 

Yes! If you get a rash that is because your pig needs to be dewormed or you have sensitive skin which creates a reaction to the pigs thick hair poking your skin. Just put on a long sleeve shirt when holding your piggy. 


Do pet pigs get along with other animals?


Absolutely! Pet pigs are very friendly animals. They are always looking to build new relationships with their animal friends. Properly introduce your pets and they will all be sleeping together. 



Pet pigs are so much fun! Owning a piggy is an absolute wonderful experience and purchasing a pig from a reputable legit micro mini pig breeder will save you from the wrong impression about pet pigs. Those that own one always want more and wish they had one long before they decided to get one. Those that don’t have one are missing out on such a highly intelligent pet to own. Make sure to do your research.  We hope this helps! 



Fact about us: Mini Pig World

Here at Mini Pig World we selectively have been down breeding over the years to get the smallest pet pigs possible and now we have them.

Not only do we guarantee size by our parents and  none of our pigs have ever ended up at a rescue. We have many happy customers,wonderful reviews and make sure all of our piggies go to forever homes where they are loved unconditionally. 





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