Remaining payment for John Reserve a Micro Extreme!

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Remaining payment for John Reserve a Micro Extreme! - Mini Pig World

This payment is for one of our Micro Extremes- the smallest pet pigs in the world. Once you make your non-refundable payment someone from Mini Pig World will contact you to go over the process of when this litter will be born and to answer any questions you may have. SizeDescription: Meet our Micro Extreme pigs. We created the name Micro Extreme to set these apart from any other pig, as the smallest domesticated sized minipigs in the world. To get this size, we have been selectively breeding oursmallest boars and sows for over 11 years to continue this excellent bloodlineof Micro Extremes. Only a handful of people own one of our Micro Extremes asthey are extremely special and very rare. A Micro Extreme from us will be thesize of a French Bulldog fully grown at 5 years old. These special pigs arereserved for the person who is looking to own the smallest pet mini pig you canown. There are fewer than .0001% of the pig population that exist this small.You can go through 100's of mini pig breeders and will not find this rare sized pig. I can guarantee you that. We have celebrities that buy this sized pig from us.

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